Renewable energy in India as a sector is still underdeveloped, the Government of India has been making conscious efforts to focus on this sector

India is the 5th largest power generator in the world and is estimated to be the 3rd largest by the year 2030.Solar and Wind Energy sectors are very active in India.Renewable energy has started making visible impact in the Indian energy sector by contributing in electric capacity of country. Solar energy and wind energy are also very active sector in India and Government of India is taking a lot of initiative in order to develop these sectors by giving loan to develop solar sector and especially to those areas where the electrical grids are not yet extended. The development and demand of wind power in India has significantly increased in the last few years and government is taking a lot of initiative to provide services to this sector.

Government is also taking initiative and introducing activities to flourish bio fuel and waste management sectors too. The Government of India has also launched Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission under the National Action Plan on Climate Change.

Laws related to this sector

India does not have any specific laws and regulations that govern the renewable energy sector. The following acts, regulations and policies are as follows:

  • The Electricity act 2003;
  • The National Electricity Policy 2005;
  • The National Tariff Policy (NTP) 2006;
  • The National Rural Electrification Policy;
  • The National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC);
  • Various state specific regulations and policies.
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